The 10 year Anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.                                                                 Advertisements


A night out with RS and DICE, two of Victoria BC’s Graffiti Veterans.                                                                      

Los Angeles

Some street photography from around Los Angeles.                                                          


Christchurch As Aftershocks continue to rattle the city on a daily basis, the people of Christchurch and many volunteers continue their efforts at rebuilding and repairing much of the city’s infrastructure.Most of the Central Business District remains inaccessible due to safety concerns and many of the CBD buildings are to be demolished.After sundays’ 6.0 aftershock … Continue reading


  Gilbert is 86 years old. He has spent most of the last 20 years at home, watching recitals of Symphony orchestras or movies like ‘The sound of music’ on very high volume due to his partial loss of hearing. He is a gentleman of the old kind and a pedantic upholder of the conservative … Continue reading


The Zabaleen This Photosequence was produced in co-operation with the Zabaleen (Arabic: Garbage people) of the Neighborhood Al Moqatam in the squatter settlement Manschiyet Nasser, Cairo. The Al Moqattam settlement (also known as Garbage City) houses most of Egypts Coptic christian community, who for the last 70-80 years have collected, sorted, recycled or reprocessed most … Continue reading