As Aftershocks continue to rattle the city on a daily basis, the people of Christchurch and many volunteers continue their efforts at rebuilding and repairing much of the city’s infrastructure.Most of the Central Business District remains inaccessible due to safety concerns and many of the CBD buildings are to be demolished.After sundays’ 6.0 aftershock which further damaged over 100 buildings in the CBD, these too have been deemed structurally¬† not sound and to be demolished.

Whilst many seek to regain normalcy in their lives, the constant aftershocks spread insecurity and fear amongst many Cantabrians regarding the future of Christchurch.

Following are some impressions from Christchurch and Lyttleton 4 months after the large February Earthquake (click to enlarge image).












One Response to “Aftershock”
  1. elephant9 says:

    WOW your photographs are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for uploading them in such a way that they can be enlarged,
    this is so much better than what you usually get on the net.

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