The Western Desert Kidney Health Project is a multidisciplinary project involving Indigenous Medical and community development workers and artists reaching out to remotely located communities in Western Australia.The aim of the project is to battle 3rd world life-expectancy rates among the indigenous communities which can be caused by Kidney Disease and Diabetes; through research,screening,education and … Continue reading




  Gilbert is 86 years old. He has spent most of the last 20 years at home, watching recitals of Symphony orchestras or movies like ‘The sound of music’ on very high volume due to his partial loss of hearing. He is a gentleman of the old kind and a pedantic upholder of the conservative … Continue reading

Aphorisms pt. 2

Aphorisms pt. 1

Kalgalla Flats, Western Australia 2011.     Gilbert visiting his parents at the Graveyard, Perth 2011.     Kalgoorlie Dogs, Kalgoorlie 2011.     You are entering your mission field, Perth 2010.     102 Waggons, Western Australia 2011.     The Bangkok Wink, Bangkok 2010.     Chairman of the Boulder Camp Indigenous Community, … Continue reading

Fragments of Burma/Myanmar Illume

    A country where power shortage and blackouts are commonplace, and a country that’s been at the mercy of a post-colonial military junta and it’s collaborators in power since 1962 brings to mind a materialistic reading of light.And although the materiality of light itself is disputed, it can produce data even on a 35mm  … Continue reading

Burma Dissonant

Burma is the oldest Military Dictatorship in the world.The Military Junta strives to silence any resistance or struggle by brute force and all-encompassing surveillance measures.Nothing is subtle about this form of control, institutions are in place to censor, monitor and imprison any critical voices or organisations trying to bring change to Burma. For Burmese musicians … Continue reading


The Zabaleen This Photosequence was produced in co-operation with the Zabaleen (Arabic: Garbage people) of the Neighborhood Al Moqatam in the squatter settlement Manschiyet Nasser, Cairo. The Al Moqattam settlement (also known as Garbage City) houses most of Egypts Coptic christian community, who for the last 70-80 years have collected, sorted, recycled or reprocessed most … Continue reading