Fanmeile 2010



This time last year as the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa was approaching, Berlin was in full swing preparing for the festivities and Public viewing events.During the World Cup most of berlin was to turn into a sea of black-red and gold flags -on cars,out of windows,as clothing,facepaint and on every thinkable tacky merchandise.

So again came the time for Germany to exhibit its ‘normalised’ nationalism on a grand scale culminating in the public viewing spectacle dubbed the ‘Fanmeile’ (Fanmile) beginning at the Brandenburger Tor along the road of the 17.Juni in Central and West-Berlin.

The Fanmeile was a Private-Public partnership project organised by the Berlin City in cooperation with Coca-cola and Fifa.With miriad middle-sized and two very large screens ,the maximum capacity of about 300 000 people was often reached during the games that Germany participated in.

Watching the football,eating pretzels or sausages and drinking plenty of that tasty German beer also attracted many tourists from all over the world;some of which were to regret their decisions to join in the festivities.

The Brandenburger Tor and Straße des 17. Juni were always deemed ideal as places of congregation amongst German event-planners, especially during the 1930’s and the early 40s and so it was here once again that great emotions and those feelings of belonging to the Nation were to be experienced.

As the last witnesses of the Shoah die due to old age, Germany has been revising its image and History:through sporting events,’historical’ movies and TV-series,large scale publicity campaigns and in general public discourse and so the focus shifts from being the perpetrators of WWII and the Shoah to a multigenerational victimisation of the German people.A new National narrative has replaced the old and obscured history completely.

As the self-declared ‘Worldcup winners of hearts’- a title that aims to highlight the ‘New’ Germany as the democratic multicultural neighbour,the innovative industrial power,the pacifist condoning only war in the name of humanitarian interventions and formeost the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of history through the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ (The economical ‘miracle’ of German Post-war recovery) and then through the ‘Peaceful revolution’ of 1989.

It is on these two aformention myths that the ‘new’ German identity and the whitewashing of German History and Contemporary German society is grounded.





























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