The Western Desert Kidney Health Project is a multidisciplinary project involving Indigenous Medical and community development workers and artists reaching out to remotely located communities in Western Australia.The aim of the project is to battle 3rd world life-expectancy rates among the indigenous communities which can be caused by Kidney Disease and Diabetes; through research,screening,education and intervention using two three-tonnes trucks that serve as mobile clinics,transport and Media/Arts stations.

Following an Invitation as Artist in residence for the 2 week ‘run’ to the remote communities Menzies and Morapoi, I had the chance to meet and work with the incredible WDKHP Workers and the local communities.

Image Index

1.The main road at the Morapoi Indigenous Reserve.

2.A large ‘Donga’,common temporary housing among remote communities and mine workers.

3.Chummy Tucker, Indigenous resident of Menzies and Goldmine worker.

4.Morapoi shed-church.

5.A Lawman (Indigenous community authority) of Morapoi filling out a Health Questionnaire by the WDKHP.

6.Radio communication is common amongst remote communities, as there is no phone reception.

7.Chummy Tucker singing the Wangai Country Blues.

8.Maureen Tucker in her Bedroom.

9.Morapoi detail.

10.Morapoi girls and their Go-Cart.

11.End of Road

12.A Menzies Resident after being checked for Kidney Disease.

13.Traditional Outback food-Goanna and Kangaroo Tail.

14.Many Outback areas are only accessible vie horseback.

15.Robyn is one of the WDKHP Indigenous Health workers.

16.Morapoi detail.

One Response to “Menzies”
  1. Keeley says:

    Thank you for making my day that much more inspiring. I can’t wait for more entries.

    – Keeley

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